Pinnochio’s Nose: A KBS Drama Special


Pinnochio’s Nose is a heartwarming story of murder, loss, acceptance and a humongous twist at the end.

I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely luuuuurrrve KBS dramas. They are like what I imagine astronaut food to taste like. Short, easy to digest and delicious. (Well, I don’t know if it’s delicious or not, I hope it is; I mean I would want to eat tasty food in space…well, anyways. Back to the point.)

And seeing that my exams are approaching I’m afraid to take up any new dramas or books. So I decided to watch some KBS shorts.

Seeing the thumbnail I expected it to be a little, cute story of a kid, but ohhh lawdy lawd was I wrong! Well, the story did start out that way but when the door opened I was like:



Lemme explain.

It opened with two sisters (My god they’re soooo cute!) targeting houses.*Gasp, for what?*  To ring their doorbells and run away, of course. They have this cute cellophane sheet that has a picture of Pinnochio on it. And the red coloured blocks are the houses they’re going to be targeting.


So, the little sister decides to go and ring the bell of a house without knowing that it was her own house, not paying any attention to her unni who was trying to hold her back.

And, here comes the shocking part, a half dressed man emerges out of their home while their mother shouts for him to close the door, basically implying that they’re having an affair.

The little girl has no idea what happened, but the older sister understood that her mother was having an affair and asked her younger sister not to tell anything to their dad.

The voiceover tell us that her mother vanished into thin air after that event.

The story takes a time leap of 15 years to show us a damaged car being taken out of a reservoir with skeletal remains in the passenger seat.

An affair and a murder, you bet I was hooked.

It then showed us a woman psycho-analysing various subjects on whether they were lying on not based on their actions.

She gets all of them right! (go badass main lead)


And who is this woman? Our main lead, Yun Daejong (the older sister) all grown up!

She then presents her research in front of many people.

One of them, a prosecutor questions her research to which she asks if he love his wife or not.

The prosecutor clutches his tie and says that it’s a given that he does. Daejeong then proceeds to explain how people who are lying touch their neckties unconsciously. Ha!


But this is not well received by the prosecutor who has a few words with her and storms off.

After coming out of the lecture hall she receives a call from her sister, saying that the statue of limitations is about to expire on 27th.

We then get a flashback to a young Daejong sitting at the bus stop to receive her dad. He gets off the bus and smiles and hugs his daughter when he sees her waiting for him. She asks her dad if he and her mother fought to which he says that they didn’t with a weird look on his face.

We then come back to the present where Dajeong comes back home to find her boyfriend cooking. And, excuse me, but what is this guy’s sns? I need it for research purposes. ;p


The bell rings and Daejong assumes that it’s one of those little pranksters annoying her. (Ha, the irony!) But turns out, it is her little sister with her father at the door.

The boyfriend exclaims that he thought her family was dead. (As Daejong had told him so)

Daejong is traumatised when she sees her dad and falls down to the floor and breaks things. This shocks both her sister and her boyfriend.

Daejong storms off and doesn’t respond when her boyfriend berates her for lying to him.

Then we get a heart wrenching flash back:

Turns out her dad was a suspect for her mom’s murder and the police came to arrest him. Dun dun dun!

I’ll not go into the details of what happened next as it would kind of reveal the twists and turns and take away the joys of actually watching it.

In my opinion the most underrated character was the boyfriend. He actually stayed beside Daejeong in thick and thin and never once abandoned her. How do you come across such a pure and loyal soul?

And the best part? The story ends with Daejeong and her boyfriend married and…wait for it, they have a kid now!


I am totally the younger sister in the middle!


Ah! That dreamy smile!


I couldn’t even! How cute!

I was absolutely blown away by the character of the dad and the actor’s acting made it all the more poignant.

I actually empathised with him.

What a great bite sized story that left me wanting for more! And the best part: it has realistic characters that you can fall in love with.

Ciao! Off to stalk the hot boyfriend and his sns. xD

Comment down below if you guys liked the story. Please don’t be shy as I would love to chat with you guys!

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A Love So Beautiful (Ep 1-7) Review

∼A Love So Beautiful is a beautiful, teen Chinese Drama starring Shen Yue and Hu Yitian.∼




First, of all can I just say that this drama is such a cute and fun ride uptil now.
I find the plotline quite similar to Playful Kiss; except that the execution of A Love So Beautiful is so much better, in my opinion. The show starts with Chen Xiaoxi saying that everything in her life is about drawing but when she was young, the centre of her world was a boy, Jiang Chen. Then it shows how Jiang Chen is seemingly indifferent towards her. (though he does show that he cares for her deeply in his way)

Well, a sweet, cute girl pining after the unattainable, cool, smart guy is nothing new, in fact the the plot has nothing special to offer.
But the way the characters are developed,and the tiny details are what makes this drama so special.


Now, this is where the show starts doing its magic. I fell in love with all the characters, I’ll be honest. Especially Xiaoxi, what I loved the most is that even though she crushed hard after the male lead, she never gave up on her identity, which is quite unlike Playful Kiss. And she is not afraid to literally kick him in the shins if something is wrong. Also she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about her.

SPOILER:(In the Drama competition she wasn’t afraid to do a funny skit inspite of the fact that the other team had performed a very serious and heavyweight play.) SPOILER


What I also loved is that the male lead is not too obnoxious. (Trust me, in Playful Kiss, I felt that it was my moral obligation to go and slap Baek Sung Jo hard)
Gals. However handsome a guy is, it’s no use chasing him if his personality is sh*t.
Jiang Chen may come off as reserved but he is really endearing in his own way, he actually reminds me of Kim Jung-hwan in Reply 1988.
His little caring gestures towards Xiaoxi made my heart flutter. And also, how cute is he when he gets jealous?


Jealous Jiang Chen ❤ 



SPOILER (The Epilogue of Episode 5……my soul died and went to heaven after seeing their cuteness) SPOILER



This is giving me serious second lead syndrome. While Jiang Chen does not show that he cares, Wu Bong Son is not afraid to go the extra mile to woo the girl.

He actually cares for her so much, that it breaks my heart when Xiaoxi’s eyes are always on Jiang Chen when WBS (Wu Bong Son) is doing all the hard work.

SPOILER (I mean how much cuter does it get, that he literally took notes all over his hands just to teach Xiaoxi how to jump over hurdles?!) SPOILER

On top of that, his coach is so hard on him and his grandmother has dementia wherein she often mistakes him for his father.

Also, he is constantly under a pressure of winning swimming competitions by his coach.

I really really hope he gets a nice ending, because I have fallen in love with him.


More about them in the next review, but can I just say how cute these guys look together:





The friends’ banter is oh-so-funny and realistic,it almost makes it feel as if the cast knew each other way before they started filming. And trust me that kind of chemistry is hard to come by. It made me feel as if all their reactions were not scripted. Now I want a squad like theirs who will support me like these guys did each other.



How can we forget THE SCHOOL DOCTOR!!! How hot is he? I do not blame Li Jing Xiao at all for crushing after him. ( I know teachers are off limits but just look at his face!) Raawr! I could stare at it all day. *sighs* 

All in all, I do recommend seeing it!

∼Well, those are my views uptil episode 7. Let’s see what kind of ride show takes me on now. Byeee!∼


                                                        ∼ An Introduction To The Weird, Sassy, Sometimes  ∼                                             ∼  Crazy  Me!   ∼

Q. So who is this random person that has started blogging about dramas?

A. Annyeonghaseyo!


My name is Riri (not my real name, of course) I am a self proclaimed k drama addict         who lives and breathes dramas.

Q. What all can I see/find here?

A. This blog is still in its early stages, but I plan to:

  • Review Asian dramas and movies
  • Blog about my favourite actors and idols
  • Rant about current Dramaland happenings
  • Recommendations
  • And connect with fellow drama addicts

Q. How did you first foray into this beautiful and unfamiliar world of dramas? 

A. Well, my first introduction with dramas was a Thai drama called Full House

It completely bewitched me and upon doing some research I found out that it was actually a remake of the Korean Full House

And then I stumbled upon short edits made by Youtubers which made me oh-so-curios about dramas!

Now comes the part where I actually became a full blown, crazy, doesn’t-care-about-sleep-or-food drama maniac:

I started watching Reply 1988 and fell in love with the gorgeous, cute, hot, alluring (seriously words are not enough for this beautiful man) Park Bo Gum; and there has been no looking behind for me ever since!


This is what dramas will do to you!

Q. What are you hobbies except watching dramas?

A. Well, I absolutely love painting. Also, I luuurve writing romantic stories! Well, I used          to, before dramas gobbled up all of my time.

Q. How old are you?

A. I’m 16 going on 17. 🙂

Q. Who are you favourite actors?

A.  Females:

Park Boyoung, Kim Seul Gi, Son Yo Jin, Jang Na Ra, Hwang Jeung Eum etc etc


The pretty Park Bo-Young!!


Park Bo Gum (in case that was not already obvious), Sung Hoon, Park Seo Joon, Kim          Woo Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wuk, Lee Min ki, Lee Jong Sook etc etc


Who can resist such a cutie??!! *dies of cuteness*   

∼ Well that’s it for my first post! Planning to start reviewing soon…..Byee!! ∼